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Electronics Technician

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Operations and maintenance of equipment including but not limited to building control, fire protection systems and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Repairs and maintains the physical structure of the enterprise. Plan, coordinate, inspect and perform maintenance and assist project management related to facilities including but not limited to building remodeling and construction, installation and / or installation of equipment, safety and environmental compliance, maintenance of mechanical systems and consumption of energy.
It performs a wide variety of complex duties for removal, maintenance and repair of all production machines of the company and prevention of failure.

Basic duties and responsibilities
– Works with, maintains and monitors facilities and equipment, critical alarms, systems and tools to ensure compliance with established parameters.
– Performs readings of equipment and systems, verifies and interprets parameters to ensure compliance and takes appropriate action if they are beyond boundaries or specifications.
– Monitor the performance of the equipment / systems / tools and immediately report any anomaly or deviation and take appropriate action and document all alarms.
– Carries out root cause analysis and helps others to repair the equipment and / or related systems.
– Coordinate with other area staff to assist with the installation and repair of equipment and / or systems.
– Reads and interprets electrical and mechanical drawings for repair and / or assistance with modifications to equipment / systems.
– Handles properly with chemicals, given the availability of MSDS and related procedures and the use of the necessary protective equipment.
– Document and review the work performed in accordance with the Company’s procedures and applicable regulations.
– Provides information and assistance in reviewing / developing standard operating procedures.
– It respects all policies, procedures, programs, systems, rules and regulations in all fields, including but not limited to professional, environmental, quality, archive, human resources, security and other security; and encourages colleagues to do the same.
– Takes account of any deviation from the surveillance area.
– Follow the appropriate procedures outlined in the manual or in the instructions for disposal of chemicals and hazardous waste.

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